Authorised Telstra Dealer & Fixednet Premium Dealer

We’ve established ourselves as industry leaders. We're driven by some of the industry’s best talent and ideas. Becoming a Telstra Dealer means we have been able to adopt a number of market leading systems and procedures to ensure the successful delivery of our products for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients, form relationships and carry out the projects in a manner which meets their exact specifications.


Telstra dealer logo in Sydney

Over the last 2 years we found that a lot of our customers were either un-contracted or on "old" calling plans and were paying much more for their calls than they needed to, regardless of which carrier they were using, when all they needed to do was ask us to analyse their phone bill and compare it with current offers.


Customer checking new phone plans

There are new plans that allow all mobile phones on the company bill to call each other (i.e. company mobile to company mobile) at no charge and that allow calls from your office to your company mobiles at no charge. Many of our customers found that the combined cost of their landline and mobile calls has been almost halved by moving onto the new plans.



As a Telstra Dealer, Totel Communications is authorised to provide you with a range of Telstra services including (but not limited to) NBN, broadband, the connection or relocation of telephone lines for your home or business and the connection of 1300 / 1800 services.


  • NBN Connections
  • Connection of NBN to Telephone Systems
  • Telstra BigPond Broadband
  • Business Broadband
  • Home ADSL & Wireless
  • Mobile Broadband